Watching out for seniors!


As we get more senior citizens in our midst, we must make special efforts to ensure that Singapore is fully elderly friendly.  I will do my part in MOT.  We will build on some existing initiatives.

LTA’s Green Man Plus scheme at selected pedestrian crossings has been in place for 6 years.  Senior citizens and persons with disabilities can tap their transport concession cards on a sensor at the traffic light post.  Doing so extends the ‘Green Man’ duration so they can take their time to cross the road.

While overhead bridges are the safest means to cross roads, climbing a flight of steps can be difficult for the elderly. To ease their efforts, LTA has started installing lifts at overhead bridges.  Six have been installed so far, and lifts at another 41 overhead bridges will be completed by 2018.  We will continue to look for bridges that are often used by seniors, with a view to building lifts for them.

One recent initiative is to create “Silver Zones”, for us to test out some new traffic features to deliberately slow down motorists so that the elderly can make their way across major roads slowly and safely, without stress. In Bt Merah and Jurong West, we are testing out rumble strips, raised zebra crossings, centre dividers, and pinch points.  And at the upcoming Silver Zone in Woodlands, we will be testing a raised junction.  By 2020, we hope to have 35 Silver Zones island-wide.

Where practicable, we have also reclaimed road space by narrowing our roads to create more space for footpaths for a safer and more enjoyable walk. These have been very popular and we will extend them to other parts of Singapore.

Car entering a Silver Zone Gateway

Car entering a Silver Zone Gateway

Raised Junction - Artist Impression

Raised Junction – Artist Impression

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