Let’s protect and give way to the weakest!


We want to encourage walking and cycling: a green and healthy lifestyle. We will have more footpaths and cycling paths. Meanwhile, the market is responding with different types of “personal mobility devices” (PMDs: skateboards, kick scooters, unicycles, electric scooters, skate scooters, Segways etc). No doubt, more new types of PMD will emerge.

We need a simple, clear and consistent set of rules and norms, to minimise conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and PMD-users, and ensure safety for all. Such rules, plus common sense and fairness, require that we should watch out for and protect the weakest users.

Parl Sec Muhd Faishal has been leading a Panel of experts and stakeholders to study this and to develop such a set of rules and norms. They have been conducting consultations with the public and are in the midst of organising focus groups to dive deeper into the subject. Parl Sec Faishal is passionate about walking and cycling and his position in both MOT and MOH put him in the best position to champion this cause.

Though he has left MOT and MOH, I have asked him to continue to lead this Panel as he has developed deep knowledge on the subject and a strong network with the stakeholders.  Moreover, it is a subject of continuing interest for him.  He has readily agreed to do so.

I look forward to his Panel’s recommendations in due course.

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