Six days to enjoy free Downtown Line (DTL) ride

Six days to enjoy free DTL ride_Header

DTL2 will start tomorrow, 27 December. We have been working hard and are doing all we can to ensure a smooth service, free from major incidents.

Our immediate priority is for a good start. My worry is that there may be severe overcrowding. It is a Sunday, during a holiday season, there is novelty value, and travelling is free. If too many rush in to be among the first wave of commuters, there will be overcrowding and long waiting time.

We will deploy extra staff to man the stations and many goodwill ambassadors to guide the commuters. We will do our best to ensure a pleasant service for all.

Commuters can help too. In particular, do note that free service will run for six days to 1 January. So please spread out, and there is no need to rush. DTL is here to stay, and there will be plenty of opportunities to experience its wonders, including the artwork in each station.

We will inform commuters of the level of crowdedness at the DTL stations. So do check via MyTransport.SG app and better time your trip accordingly. This way, all can enjoy the new DTL2 and get familiarised with the layout of its 12 new stations. I will be there tomorrow to observe; I hope it will be a good experience for all.

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