Downtown Line 2: Promising start

DTL2 Promising start_Header

Ridership on the Downtown Line (DTL) has been good and continues to grow steadily. It has risen by up to 30% since 4 Jan, the first school/work day of the year. DTL2 Promising start_PictureThis has also brought benefits to the rest of the network. Some 5% of commuters on the East-West Line, for instance, have shifted to the DTL. This has reduced crowding slightly at stations like Jurong East. Buses that ply the DTL2 corridor are also less crowded.

I have high hopes that DTL2 will encourage more motorists to give their cars a break. Schools in the area are already seeing fewer cars dropping off their students, making Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah Road noticeably less crowded in the mornings. Many shops and eateries along the line, in particular at Beauty World, after patiently putting up with the inconvenience during the construction of DTL2, are now enjoying booming business.

All in all, DTL2 has started very positively. I think it will be a game changer in our journey towards a car-lite lifestyle.

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