Going from Good to Great

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I read the PTC’s Advisory Report and fully support their focus on commuters.

We exist because of the commuters. Fulfilling their needs is our mission. Not all wishes that were expressed to PTC can be fulfilled because what one person wants may contradict with another person’s aspiration. But we should do our best to reach a fair compromise. I also support PTC’s strategy to look to other cities for inspiration and learning points. Our problems are common and we should learn from each other.

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Receiving PTC’s inaugural Advisory Report

I read commuters’ strong feedback on making our buses and trains more senior-friendly, child-friendly and more inclusive. Our population is ageing and we need to up our birth rate. We must make our city the best place to bring up children and for our seniors. From a transport perspective, this means we will continue instilling a philosophy of making sure our seniors and disabled are able to use the transport network with confidence, while at the same time we embrace the needs of young families in their daily journeys. This philosophy starts from the beginning of a rail line or bus service with our transport planners and designers, and will be ingrained all the way through to our staff on the ground, delivering efficient, reliable service with a smile. As the PTC puts it, it is the small things which make a difference between a good transport system and a great transport experience. We have a good public transport system, but our job is to make the journey great too.

LTA will study PTC’s Report and strive to put into practice the many useful recommendations contained in it.